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MARA Microphone Arrays for Room Acoustics and Auralization

Project Management: Christoph Pörschmann, Project Execution: Benjamin Bernschütz

Motivation & Project Description
  • Microphone arrays have come into the focus of interest for spatial audio recording applications. The methods of sound field analysis deliver a very abstract and general physical description of the sound field in terms of solutions to the multidimensional acoustical wave equation. The adaption of the array data to reproduction systems (especially binaural synthesis) will be investigated.
  • Auralization methods based on data from microphone arrays and sound field analysis have high computational demands and require high data transfer rates. But taking the listener and thus psychoacoustic considerations into account, these demands might be reduced substantially leading to computational and data rate demands suitable to bring these methods into commercial applications.
  • Sound field analysis using microphone arrays can be used for a detailed analysis of room acoustics. The adavantages of the new methods compared to the classical methods in room acoustics are investigated and evaluated.
Expected Outcome
  • Methods for the auralization of microphone array recordings are developed and verified.
  • Reduction of computational demands and required data transfer rates based on psychoacoustic considerations are investigated and verified in listening experiments.
  • New methods for the acquisition and evaluation of room acoustics properties are developed and evaluated.
Project Partners
  • Deutsche Telekom Laboratories
  • Technical University of Berlin
  • Westdeutscher Rundfunk
Funded by

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